Monday, January 16, 2012

Shimer in 158 words: Cori A. Bolman

Cori A. Bolman is a 2001 graduate of Shimer College.

my application essay to shimer detailed how there was no such thing as the perfect book. if there was a perfect book, nothing else would ever be good enough, and i would stop reading. naturally i was accepted right away. i graduated after five years, four attending shimer, and one writing my thesis. i am a skilled writer, but it is a painful process for me. as a voracious reader, i know how magical a string of words can be, and i hold myself to the same standard. i managed to write my thesis, as only a shimer student could, wearing a tiara, applying lipstick, and making the writing itself an art project. empathy is the greatest skill i learned at shimer. it's been ten years since i graduated, and i still cannot talk to someone with opposite politics to mine without getting somewhat feverishly angry, this is the only way i feel i haven't attained perfect shimerhood.

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