Monday, December 26, 2011

Shimer in 158 words: Alan Perry

Alan Perry is a 1998 graduate of Shimer College, a comedian and screenwriter, and the author of Observations from Terra Firma.

I was very excited to embark on my Great Books education. I was inspired by the founders of Second City who attended the original Hutchins program.

After settling into the ancient dormitory I headed down to orientation several blocks away. I was accompanied by Bryce. He was dressed in green and had a hood pulled tight around his face with shiny sunglasses. Tufts of bright red hair shot out into a scruffy goatee. He identified himself as a poet. At orientation I met many other new students all equally interesting and unique.

Later that night at Godot House we talked about who might graduate. Mike mentioned that statistically only two out of ten would graduate. A daunting fact as there were less than ten of us there. I knew I would have to work hard to make it. It turned out we beat the statistical odds in our class and everyone in that conversation would graduate with me.

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