Monday, January 30, 2012

Shimer in 158 words: Brandee Cooper Kandle

Tineka handed me a card in our high school sewing class: “Do you like to read?”


I sent my application off in a Tide detergent box and waited.

Bill called me, we talked for three hours, I visited.

I fell in love with some dusty old books.

Some round tables won my heart and sparked my mind.

I drove there the following fall and stayed and stayed.

I read, I wrote, I talked, I listened.

I ate commie lunch, I attended X-Files “church” on Sundays.

I walked in some cold, grey, Waukegan fogs.

I luxuriated in the warmth of diners, explored Chicago’s neighborhoods, traveled by train.

I opened my mind, I tried to swallow philosophies whole.

Wrestling with ideas late into the night, counting on my comrades to straighten out the concept with simple statements the following morning.

Learning how to think, how to discuss ideas without censure, allowing comprehension to unfold naturally and with lasting effect.

Brandee Cooper Kandle is a 1999 graduate of Shimer College.

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