Saturday, December 29, 2012

Eric Nicholson on Great Books education

In response to this post by Susan Henking, Eric writes:

Great Books, in the hands and eyes of an active reader, are Self Organizing Learning micro-Environments. The greatness of the books is a function of the capacity of their ideas and and arguments to accommodate the self organized expansion of the reader's understanding.

Shimer classes collect selections of great books and cohorts of interactive readers into self organizing discussions of common topics constituting learning mezzo-environments.

Shimer's curriculum weaves sequences of classes reticulating an extensive selection of great books around a comprehensive survey of common topics in a fabric of learning community wrapping students, faculty and staff in a self organizing macro-environment of learning. The generality of Shimer's education depends upon the ability of its survey of topics to embrace any of the emergent problems encountered in life in the self organizing learning environment that is our amazing world.

So where is the wall through which Shimer is a hole to the whole?