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Are you considering US immigration? If so then you should know the basics about modern US immigration. This will give you to see the big picture about the context of applying for a green card, visa, naturalization, etc. in terms of immigration in recent decades. The current decade still has a few years left but the decade of 2000 to 2010 was a record-breaking one.

It shows that the country’s immigration population included all-time high figures for the 10 years. The number of foreign-born immigrants reached 40 million during the year 2010. That was the highest figure in US history. During that time almost 14 million legal/illegal immigrants settled in the country during that decade. That figure was also a record-breaking one in US history.

An interesting fact is during the decade the number of jobs showed a net decline. Meanwhile, from 1990-2000 there was 22 million jobs created and 1.32 million new US immigrants arrived in the country. There are several reasons why people decide to immigrate to the US. They include job opportunities, public services, joining relatives, etc. This helps to explain why immigration figures can remain high even when the country is experiencing a long-term economic slow-down.

Here are some other findings from 2000-2010 US immigration figures. The immigrant population doubled since 1990, almost tripled since 1980, and quadrupled since 1970. During the last decade, the figure was 9.7 million. The 6 US states with the biggest immigrant populations made up about two-thirds of the total 2010 immigration settlement. However, the figures were higher in 2000 (68%) and 1990 (73%). The average age of immigrations in 2010 was 41.4.

The immigrant population hit 40 million during 2010, which was the highest figure in t US history. Legal immigration was the main driver of immigration for the decade and made up about 75% of the immigration during that period. The number of US immigrants was the highest during the 2000-2010 decade, the share of immigrations in the total population was higher nearly a century before. New arrivals of immigrants were offset by the factors of out-migration as well as deaths.

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US Immigration

Mexico was the top country of origin of US immigrations from 2000-2010 and accounted for almost 12 million immigrants. That accounted for 29% of total US immigrants during the 10 years. 9 million immigrants arrived during 2000 or later so it marked the biggest decade of immigration in US history. That was true even though the decade had a net loss of jobs.

It’s important to note that the figures were for the first decade of the 21st century. However, since the figures were record-breaking it’s certainly worth noting. In addition, the current decade will be ending in a few years so it can be determined then if the trends of the century’s first decade continue during the second decade.

If you’re planning to immigrate to the US it’s important to know some of the key related issues since it could affect factors like your application for a visa, naturalization, etc. Here are some of the main issues you should certainly be aware of. The issue of building a border wall on the US/Mexico border isn’t a new one but it became a key use when US Presidential candidate Donald Trump proposed it in 2015. Analysts have pointed out that building a wall on the whole US/Mexico border isn’t possible since there are parts that exist on rocky terrain. Meanwhile, supporters of the wall argue that the wall would reduce the number of illegal immigrants and drugs that enter the US.

Trump promised a total Muslim ban during a campaign stop in December 2015. Supporters of the ban have argued that the US does not take enough steps to screen who enters the US and a total Muslim ban is required following the recent terrorist attack that took place in California. Meanwhile, opponents of the ban say that the proposed ban is racist towards Muslims and also opposes the US Constitution. The issue has become very controversial and taken up by the Supreme Court.

A sanctuary city is one that follows local policies that are passed to not take legal action against people for only being an undocumented person in the country they’re currently living in. One of the big questions is whether or not the US federal government should spend funds to those local governments. Some people argue that federal funds should be used for the purpose and others argue that it should not. It’s become one of the biggest issues in US immigration in terms of debates about federal and local governments should deal with the situation.

Immigration News

Supporters of the subsidized healthcare make the argument that boosted access to basic healthcare will lower the demand for high-cost emergency care. Meanwhile, opponents make the argument that illegal immigrants in the US healthcare system could become permanent healthcare patients. That’s because they don’t have a place to be released after receiving g the car.

It’s become one of the biggest issues in US immigration in terms of debates about federal and local governments should deal with the situation. Here’s another hot issue related to US immigration. The main issue is whether or not illegal immigrants should have access to healthcare that’s subsidized by the US government. Legal immigrants don’t qualify for free healthcare via Medicaid until they’ve been in the US for 5 years. A 2007 study revealed that less than 1% of Medicaid spending was spent on healthcare for illegal US immigrants.

Another big issue is whether there should be a short-term immigration ban on all immigrants. Most US citizens are against a total ban on all immigrants and argue that it’s more important to screen legal immigrants to make sure that they aren’t a threat to citizens. Meanwhile, others argue that a temporary ban is necessary and especially after events like major terrorist attacks. These are some of the main hot topics in terms of US immigration. It’s important to know about them if you’re planning to live in the US as an immigrant.

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